Homeless Longitude is an open submission zine… send us your art!

It can be anything – writing, ranting, painting, photos, scribbles, doodles, collages, etc.  Don’t be shy. We’re not here to judge – just love. Submit as much as you want and as often as you wish.  If we don’t get it into the current issue, we’ll make it happen in the next one.

Send us:
>.jpg files ( 1MB or smaller)
>include title of piece(s)
>artist name (or pseudonym)
>your location (or secret location)
>a link to your blog or online gallery
ALSO…we’d like to know a little about you. Send a quick note along with your submission:
*Where you live?
*What inspires you?
*What’s your favorite way to express yourself (ie. graphic design, collage, drawing, writing, etc.)?
*What else do you love doing besides making art?
*Do you have any upcoming events or exhibitions we can help promote?
note: keep in mind that the final printed version is black and white; each page is 7cm wide x 14cm long – don’t worry we’ll do all the hard work re-sizing etc.*

Email submissions/questions to:


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